Review of ‘Anglo-Saxon and Viking Derbyshire’, by Richard Bunting

This review is reproduced with kind permission.

by Richard Bunting
ISBN 0-946404-03-8 (1999)

Illustrated with maps, photographs and line drawings by Penny Dykes.

By bringing together evidence ranging from ancient manuscripts to the latest archaeological finds, Anglo-Saxon and Viking Derbyshire aims to provide a comprehensive over-view of the history and archaeology of Derbyshire during the Dark Ages, an era which began with the departure of the Romans in the 5th century and ended dramatically with the Norman Conquest over 600 years later. It was a time of great change in which the modern county of Derbyshire first came into existence.

This book tells the story of the arrival of warriors from northern Europe and Scandinavia and examines their daily life and struggles. They left a legacy of mysterious stone crosses and fascinating burial sites which are found all over the county. Anglo-Saxon and Viking Derbyshire brings our knowledge of these remains up-to-date and looks in detail at Repton, the political and religious centre of the ancient Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia.

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