Derbyshire Bibliography

Publishers of Derbyshire-Related Books

This page provides an index to websites of publishers who are offering Derbyshire-related historical material for purchase, and supersedes direct linking to their websites from my pages. This enables me to provide further information about them, such as any special access conditions or recommendations which may assist you in finding the information you are looking for. It also makes it easier for me to maintain potentially broken links, in having them all in one place.

If a publisher you have an interest in isn't mentioned in this list, or if the website is unavailable, might I suggest using your favourite search engine, using the name of the publisher followed by ‘publishing’ in quotes - eg “Acme Publishing” as your search term. Other sites may be able to provide a contact address or telephone number, or to provide other recommendations. Or alternatively there's the second-hand market place, as chances are that much of the material reviewed on these pages will now be out of print.

‘ACME’ - A Company that Makes Everything...

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Please note that I have no personal involvement with the websites mentioned above, other than - in several cases - being a very satisfied customer. Whilst I have taken every care to ensure the information I've supplied is accurate, I can accept no responsibility for errors or omissions, nor for any subsequent loss suffered by any reader as a result of information contained on this page. Any transactions entered into as a result of the information provided are between you and the advertiser only. Thank you.

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