Review of ‘The Earls and Dukes of Devonshire’, by Julie Bunting

The following information was transcribed from the book's back cover by Rosemary Lockie.

by Julie Bunting
ISBN 1-874754-70-5 (1999)

The Devonshire title has now been handed down through fourteen generations of the House of Cavendish, firstly to Earls and then to Dukes.

The shrewd talents of their ancestress, Bess of Hardwick, are an equally important part of their inheritance and have often been called upon in full measure, especially in recent, literally taxing times.

For more than four centuries, Cavendishes have remained close to national events, the Devonshire dukedom being one of their early rewards. In private they have awarded themselves rather more passing pleasures: gambling, drinking, collecting, spending - and love. Their paramours, countesses and duchesses have themselves shaped the course of events on occasion, sharing in scandals and schemings, financial turbulence and, ultimately, rescue.

Front Cover

Such stories are revealed behind these portraits of men of their times, a few of whom have squandered much of their once massive birthright but the majority intent on keeping it secure for the future. It is that streak of determination which has saved their magnificent family seat, Chatsworth, to become one of the nation's greatest treasures.

The Earls and Dukes of Devonshire is illustrated with full colour portraits of each Earl and Duke of Devonshire, and is published in the Derbyshire Heritage Series, by Happy Walking International Ltd.

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